Brownie’s Custard Stand & Restaurant

186 Harbor St. Wilson, NY 14172
(716) 751-6102
February . 28 . 1977

Having vacationed at the family’s cottage on the adjacent Sunset Island, since his single digit years, co-owner, Greg Stenis, “was always intrigued” by the modest Harbor Street structure, that had its beginnings in, of all things, a “meat locker”. Fortuitously, in 2019, he and his partner, Eileen Neisen, “scratched that itch” and rescued this Village of Wilson icon, for many, many more generations of memories to come.

Gregory Stenis & Eileen Neisen, co-owners/operators of Brownie’s Custard Stand & Restaurant

No stranger to the food & beverage industry, Greg shares his energies with Eileen, between Brownies and his North Tonawanda establishment, Dwyer’s Irish Pub on Webster Street. Although their goal, by retirement, is to hunker down in the Village of Wilson-on-the-Lake, managing just the single, seasonal operation.

The entrepreneurial duo, have dropped anchor in Wilson because, as Greg puts it, “…it’s my happy place – it’s home to me…” Eileen, among her many hats, is the Human Resource component of this operation. “It’s important for us to give back to the community, so we’re committed to hire a diverse social group of first-time employees. My strategy is to merge the different personalities, who eventually become great friends – whereas, in another venue, they might not (have interacted)…”

Since purchase in 2019, Greg & Eileen have invested in a plethora of infrastructure remodeling. They continue to be laser focused on safety and customer convenience as the continuation of the upgrades roll out.

Brownie’s offers 77 flavors of the regions popular Perry’s Ice Cream, as well as, 4 plant based ice creams for the discerning vegan’s guilty pleasure. “We are looking into gluten-free cone options”, offered Eileen, “because ice cream makes everything better – and who wants to be disappointed”. But wait, don’t think Brownie’s is just another pretty custard stand! They offer generous portions of all your Fast-Food Favorites from Burgers (my personal Brownie’s favorite) to White Hots, and everything in between, but Custard and Ice Cream are arguably their greatest treats. 

When the busy season comes to a close, Greg & Eileen, continue to have a presence in this quaint harbor town with a Santa’s Mailbox. The family of dedicated employees are invited back to adorn the patio with a decorated Christmas tree as well as a 1940’s antique Mailbox drop (Greg’s unique Ebay score). Children from near and neighboring townships have deposited their hopeful Christmas wish lists for Santa’s review. Brownie’s Elves (Greg & Eileen) respond back to every last letter to the awaiting kids.

Finally, to say that “Brownie’s serves up big portions with a side of friendly service“, is an understatement. What are you waiting for? So, if you haven’t – you should.