Love Your ShorelinesOksana Berda, Artist/Designer

Every artist is a seeker. Answers manifest as finished (or unfinished) works of art, of which there are endless variations, because there are endless questions. An artist’s style is constructed from choices they make, paths they choose to travel along.

I have been bursting at the seams to share my new project with you, #LoveYourShorelines. Last year, I started a series called Shorelines.




#LoveYourShorelines consists of two crewneck sweatshirts (for now). I designed them with a dual lifestyle in mind. You can easily pack a crewneck with you to the cottage, or style it with some denim for your best athleisure city look.

I created something that could embody a lifestyle that prioritized awareness, passion, simplicity, and love for the water.




I am deeply inspired by the time I spend outdoors. Therefore my priority was to create an ecology within the architecture of this project that supported my favourite places. On a quarterly basis, I will be donating 5% of the proceeds to the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. LOW was founded in 2001 upon the belief that the Great Lakes should be safe, drinkable, fishable and swimmable. They work to organize clean-ups and programs for public education. LOW also fights policies that threaten or ignore the health of the Great Lakes.